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Happy First of May!

This is not a post. It’s just me sharing music with you on this beautiful day (It’s overcast and raining here but that’s besides the fact)

This following is NSFW. You’ve been warned:  


This is also a test of the WordPress iOS app, later edited on the web.

Blogging Again

After spending more time in Second Life in the past few months than I have in the past few years. I missed the blogging and podcasting. So here I am. I’m just blogging for now. I’m hoping to post twice a week. One post will be a Look Book style fashion post, the other a random, observation post. A lot has changed in Second Life over the last 8 years, there’s a lot to observe. And there is still shopping… lots of shopping.

This domain has been on several servers since my last post. Along the way the pictures and podcasts that were attached, became unattached. I still have them on a hard drive. I’m starting fresh so I archived the old.

Until Next Time,