I’m not a klutz, these are new feet… Really!

I finally gave in and bought SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet. If I want shoes they look good I need them. I don’t understand boots that require them, but that’s another rant for another day. I understand with sandals, you want pretty toes, not toes that look like you’ve been dancing Giselle in pointe shoes that were too narrow.

Standard Avatar Feet
Standard Avatar Feet

Also there is a problem with our ankles. Apparently we all suffer from cankles. Dear Lindens: Have you seen ankles before?

Cure Shoes, Bad Kankles
Cute Shoes, Bad Cankles

There is a problem with mesh feet. It’s called skin. You could spend hours upon hours trying to manually match your skin and still see the line between where you calf ends and your ankle starts. I tried this. I got mad. I got frustrated. I swore a lot. Then I decided “I’m going to buy skin that had appliers.” It had to be easier, right?

Oh, another problem is called Alpha layers. Remember to hit ADD not WEAR. Unless you aren’t wearing any other Alphas. Otherwise you hips will be sticking out of your pencil skirt and your breasts will be poking through your shirt. Like that scene from Mean Girls…picgifs-mean-girls-4232150


So here is my SLink Mid Feet out of the box:

New Feet!
New Feet!

And now for the appliers. First up: Gala Affair in America, close, very very close. There is a line but if I can ignore it, you can too.

Gala Affair - America
Gala Affair – America

Next up was Belleza in Ria Medium. Because they didn’t have Ria in their applier Belleza said to try Mya but I tried them all and it depends on you lighting as to what looks best. These looked pretty good too depending on what side you were looking from.

Belleza - Rio
Belleza – Ria Skin, Mya Applier

Then I tried Flounce - Caramel.

Flounce - Caramel
Flounce – Caramel

I know in these photos it might not look it but when moving around the whole ankle Flounce looked the best. Not perfect. I’ve been told even with appliers there may need to be some adjustments. So I tried on the SLink verison of my Schadenfreude Skull GooGooMuck shoes.

New Feet with shoes
New Feet with shoes

That looks better. I’m really happy Allegory Malaprop included both SLink and non-Slink version of these shoes. I found these shoes and my Glam Affair skin at Collabor88.

You can still see the line. This is under midday sun and extra light sources. Who, except runway models, would be under these conditions? So let’s try this again with typical lighting:

New Feet in a better light
New Feet in a better light

I can still see the line when I look at my legs but it doesn’t show up at every angle. Though I know where it is and like any flaw it screams at me. I guess if it really bothers me I’ll wear long skirts or pants with alphas that hide my legs, leaving only feet. Or boots. No one can see your feet in boots.

Now that I figured out feet I’m trying to decide what to do next. Hands? Butt? Breasts? Face?  If I do everything will I look like a plastic surgery success or more like Joan Rivers or Carrottop? And no I will not add those photos, some of you might be eating.

Until next time,


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